Let’s Talk Design Ideas

Design Ideas is your source for fresh hand-picked inspirations. It has been said that the best way to improve your creativity is by analyzing works from other artists. Here at Design Ideas, our editors curate and deliver the best designs to you daily.

Modern Staircases

Staircases are used mainly for getting from one place to the next, but there’s no reason these transitional spaces shouldn’t be as beautifully designed as the rest of the home. With cantilevered steps, minimalist railings, and glass balustrades, modern staircases become striking architectural focal points and provide space to display eye-catching artwork.

Colorful Kitchens

Kitchens infuse a home with energy through food, conversation, and shared moments—and the design of your cooking space should reflect that. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a touch of elegance or some vibrancy into the room, a splash of paint or a brightly hued piece of furniture can work wonders.

Sophisticated Ceiling

Something as simple as a coat of paint or as structural as exposed beams can add big personality to any home. Whether you’re looking to incorporate color in a creative way or open up a living space, making use of your ceiling is a brilliant yet unexpected way to do so.

Stylish Window Treatment

From round to picture, bay to clerestory, there’s a wide array of window types and just as many ways to dress them. Often an afterthought, window treatments such as curtains, shades, and blinds are an important part of any room design and can add privacy, conserve energy, and bring an extra element of pattern or color.

Brushed Brass

All that glitters is not gold. Indeed, these days it is more likely to be brass. After years of stainless steel and chrome dominating as the must-have metals, the trend, led by the US and now moving to the UK, is swinging towards the warmer and softer shades of brass, burnished gold and hammered bronze.

Converted Vanity Tables

It is difficult to find pre-made vanity for your home. You can always find the old tables in the market and adjust them at your home. It will give a unique look.

Storage Walls in the Kitchen

Everyone has a desire that kitchen should be spacious, especially the ladies want space in the kitchen to work freely. Due to this many home owners are focusing on this. They have multiple cabinets on walls for storage of kitchen items.

White and Off-White

Color of the walls matter a lot. Walls with white or off-white gives a fabulous and refreshing look. It gives a cozy and spacious look.

More Green

Green color gives an instant classy look. Those who want a natural beauty, they bring green color inside the home.

Indoor Outdoor Styled Showers

If you want to have a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, you need to have modern showers. It will maintain the privacy too. Try to add faux paneling or faux brick in to your bathrooms to give it a more fabulous look.

Pendant Lights on the Bedside

Table lamps are old fashioned now. In today’s era pendant lights have taken the place of old lamps.

Coffee Stations

Coffee stations are new things to add in the home décor. Homeowners everywhere are beginning to add built-in coffee stations to their kitchens. You can add a faux brick panel accent wall behind your coffee station which will give a unique look.

Bedrooms with Romantic Colors

Bedrooms are the private areas of the families. To make it more loving place try to add in romantic colors like deep red or camel etc.

Chairs that Hang

Hanging chairs were not been a good idea in recent past but now they have created a space in the market. These chairs can be found in living rooms or sitting rooms.


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